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¡®The Legend of Hainan¡¯ folk show plays every night at the Universal Theatre. Highly entertaining, visually spectacular and artistically produced, it depicts the various cultures of Hainan. The show exemplifies the main theme of Universal Resort. It glorifies Hainan nightlife and will be appreciated by all who see it.
The show is in 6 acts:
1.Creation of hainan lsland
2.Recalls from the ancient times
3.Another World---The Underwater World
4.The bless from the Heaven---Nanhai Kwan-yin(The Buddha Goddess in the South Sea)
5.The exciting Hainan
6.Welcome to the End of the Earth

Located on the 3rd floor
Time; 20:30-22:00
Telephone; 1176

Note; new show beginning 8 December 2006

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